G.B. Catering provides complete contract food services, which includes menu planning, purchasing, staffing, training, and administration. There are no limits to the services we can provide. In almost 48 years of operation, we have seen and done just about everything! Season after season, many employees return to work with our company because:

  • “Camp Life” is a unique experience. It is a fun place to spend the summer, meet lots of people and make new friends from other regions of Canada – and even other countries.
  • Employees can participate in a variety of activities at camp which may include, canoeing, windsurfing, water-skiing, archery, basketball, campfires, and of course, there is always swimming.
  • Salaries include free room and board, so employees can easily save all or most of their earnings during the summer.
  • Opportunities to develop new job skills and independence abound.
  • Qualified staff trainers are available to help those wishing to upgrade their cooking and baking skills. Hours worked can be counted towards Red Seal certification.
  • Scholarship program: G.B. provides three $500 bursaries each summer to outstanding employees who complete their contracts and who are enrolled full-time in a post-secondary institution (e.g. college, Cégep, university, etc.)

Fun and games aside, working in the kitchen at a summer camp is not a job for everyone. Working hours are long, the work is physically demanding and the kitchen can get really hot in the heat of the summer. Some of our locations are also pretty remote, and opportunities to go into town are rare-while this is great for saving money, it can be a difficult adjustment from city living.