January 29, 2025 - Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

January 30, 2025 - Engineering, Business, Computer Studies & Automotive Business

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Connect 2 Careers is Georgian College’s biggest job fair. We are the largest generator of co-op placements and full-time opportunities with employers from across Canada.

This year we are excited to offer a two-day event.
Thank you for attending the 2024 Event.   Dates for the 2025 event will be posted in June, 2024.

Thank you to the 120 employers and 2500 students who attended the event in 2024.

We look forward to seeing you in 2025.


Thank you to our sponsors for your support

January 24

January 25


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Want to know more about the job fair but are running late to class? We thought of you too - watch this short video!


The Department of Hospitality has been conducting a career fair since the early 1990s. It is always held on the first Tuesday in February and was branded Connect 2 Careers (C2C) in 2012.


Connect 2 Careers traditionally attracts an excess of 60 employers from across Canada and upwards of 800 students. We are the largest generator of co-op placements on campus with more than 350 students obtaining jobs on event day.


Our job fair is run by students, for students and encompasses all Georgian College Hotel & Resort, Travel & Tourism, Fitness & Health, Recreation & Leisure, Esthetics & Spa, Massage, Golf Management, Culinary, and Event Management programs.

Executive committee

By students, for students!

Meet us

Come prepared to make the best impressions

Student Tips

What 2 Remember

Take full advantage of these potential employers; they can serve as valuable stepping stones on your journey toward future career success.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to propel yourself forward!

What 2 Wear

The employers want to meet you!  Be prepared to present yourself.    A business formal dress code enhances your professional image.   Dress for success!

What 2 Say

Dedicated practice, both in terms of refining your message and perfecting your delivery, will empower you to speak with unwavering confidence when discussing your skillset and achievements.

This meticulous preparation ensures that you can articulate your capabilities and successes with poise and authority, leaving a lasting impression on those you engage with.

What 2 Bring

Prioritize preparedness – equip yourself with a trusty pen and a well-organized notebook, ready to capture valuable insights about the employers you encounter and the various job opportunities they present.

By maintaining meticulous notes, you not only stay well-informed but also lay the groundwork for informed decision-making on your career journey.