Welcome Employers! Now is your opportunity to accelerate your business by hiring a student from Georgian College. Whether you need a co-op student or a full time hire, our students can fulfill your employment requirements. Register now to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Over 1000 students attending from the following programs:

Hotel & Resort/Travel & Tourism

Fitness & Health/Recreation

Golf Diploma/Degree


Spa, Message & Esthetics

Event Management

  • Open to all other courses on Campus (business, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • All employers will have their own specialized booth and area to interview students on site.
  • Opportunity to hire 6 month co-op students and take advantage of the tax subsidies.
  • Opportunity to get your first pick of the graduating students of April 2015. Includes free breakfast, lunch, parking, booth material such as linens, audio/visual equipment or any other technology needed, including a gift bag of goodies.
  • Networking opportunities for employers and students
  • Georgian College is known for having the largest and best attended career fair of its kind in Ontario.
  • Opportunities to hire multilingual and international students – New Canadians is an ever increased target market that your business needs to tap into.
  • Students already trained in Cost Controls, Marketing, Food & Beverage, Front Desk operations, Supervision, Accounting, Point of Sale technology, and are Smart Served Certified.
  • Price

    • Book before New Year to save $25
    • We are not-for-profit organization
    • Cost of attendance offset by the value of hiring well-trained students
  • Fully Staffed

    • Excellent networking opportunities.
    • Opportunity to create a list of potential hires.
  • Not Too Far To Travel

    • Companies come from the United States, British Columbia and Alberta.
    • Access to discounted lodging.
    • Access to other fairs in the area – George Brown(Feb 4th), Seneca(Feb 5th).

Snow Day Procedure

The school tries to make the call before 6:00am. In the event of a Snow Day employers will recieve a 100% refund. We will attempt to phone and e-mail employers should this happen. Should you have equipment already at the campus please contact us so we may remove it for you for later pick up.

Who will be there?

Click here to see a list of confirmed employers for this year!